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With age, the bones wear out, the joints lose their flexibility, the muscles melt. Combined, these phenomena gradually affect everyone's mobility. But as we are living longer and longer, it is therefore essential to promote good joint and muscle health.

Elderly Chiropractic consultation at the Chiropractic office in Paris, Personne âgée Séance de chiropraxie au Cabinet chiropratique à Paris
When to consult a chiropractor?

Loss of flexibility, joint degeneration, bone spurs (ankylosis) or movement restriction, hunched posture, stiffness of the cervical or lumbar spine, lumbago, sciatica, intercostal pain, headaches, tendonitis, dizziness, etc. Chiropractic can remedy the most common conditions of the spine and joints, as well as the consequences of these conditions.


What to expect from chiropractic in old age?

Faced with aging, chiropractic provides specific preventive and curative responses. Based on your health history, medical imaging and a complete assessment of your locomotor functions, the chiropractor develops a treatment plan adapted to your degree of osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. Chiropractic treatment aims to restore joint mobility and reduce pain, thus significantly improving your quality of life.

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