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Birth, growth, adolescence, the chiropractor adapts his techniques to the specific needs and development of each child.

Children Chiropractic consultation at the Chiropractic office in Paris, Enfants Séance de chiropraxie au Cabinet chiropratique à Paris
Chiropractic for children and adolescents:
preserving their back as they grow

Learning to hold his head up, to sit up, to crawl then to walk, to carry a heavy school bag, to spend long hours sitting, to get involved in a sporting activity - your child's skeleton in construction is put under constant demand, and sometimes it may even be undermined.


Later, as the teenager becomes sedentary, he adopts bad postures in front of the television, the computer or the tablet, thus favoring the appearance of spinal dysfunctions. However, during this period, his body changes rapidly, and these bad habits may lead to the appearance of vertebral dysfunctions such as the scoliotic attitude or real scoliosis.


Chiropractic follow-up is recommended during this period, especially if your child has pain or postural problems.

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