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Jaw Pain

Jaw pain - or temporomandibular disorder (TMD) - is a common condition that is characterized in particular by pain in the jaw joint and muscles.

Chiropractic consultation at the Chiropractic office in Paris, Séance de chiropraxie au Cabinet chiropratique à Paris

The temporomandibular joints connect the skull to the lower jaw, the mandible, on each side of the face. These complex joints must open, close, slide forwards, to the sides, in a synchronized way. If synchronization is lacking, the articular disc can be damaged and prevent the normal functioning of the joint. We then speak of TMD.


What are the symptoms of TMD ?

The main symptom of TMD is the throbbing pain felt in the jaw, ear and temple. This pain may radiate to the neck and shoulders. TMD can also be recognized by cracking or rubbing when mobilizing the joint, difficulty in fully opening the mouth or the jaw locking when opening the mouth. The pain may be worse when chewing or being under stress. Finally, TMD can cause headaches and disrupt sleep.


Why consult your chiropractor?

The chiropractor can take care of temporomandibular disorders. By mobilizing the joint, called chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor manages to reduce pain and restore joint mobility. The benefits of chiropractic on temporomandibular joint disorders are scientifically established.

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