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Back Pain : Causes of Lower Back Pain

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The most common type of back pain is with no doubt that of the lower back, having multiple origins. Let’s take an overview of the the most common causes of back pain.

A sedentary lifestyle

Prolonged inactivity results not only in weak muscles, which makes them more sensitive to pain, but also in joint stiffness. Then a vicious circle sets in since many of us reduce our activity and our exercise levels as a result of lower back pain. The consequence is ever-increasing and recurring pain. Let’s take it for granted that for back pain, “the right treatment is movement”. To resume physical activity in the best conditions, the advice of a chiropractor is invaluable. Your chiropractor will be able to ensure a smooth recovery and encourage your progress, aiming to improve your overall health.

Poor posture

If not the initial cause of your back pain, poor posture adopted throughout the day increases your lower back pain. And if poor posture is adopted in several different joints, the risk is even greater and often adds up to inactivity. Among the most common bad postures, when standing, are placing all your weight on one leg, arching your back, carrying a handbag or backpack that is too heavy. While sitting, think of crossing legs, slumped postures on a chair, bad positions taken due to a computer screen placed too high or too low. If maintained too long, all these postures can increase, in an unbalanced manner, the tension of the muscles and ligaments around the spine or other joints. By identifying the poor postures that have an impact on your pain, your chiropractor will promote your awareness and help you adopt better postures for any situation.

Heavy loads

Most of us have already experienced an acute pain that “blocks” our back after having improperly carried a heavy load. And the risk of injury is all the higher as the muscles are weak. If the pain is too severe for you to wait for it to subside on its own, your chiropractor can help alleviate your suffering. In addition, by discussing with you, he will look for what in your posture may have caused this pain in order to prevent this from happening to you again.

Muscle fatigue

Repeated movements or overuse of muscles, linked to professional or sport activity, can also cause lower back pain. In this matter, your chiropractor acts on two levels: treatment and prevention. The treatment provided by the chiropractor aims to restore joint mobility and reduce pain. In a global approach to health, your chiropractor can provide you, along with his treatment, useful advice likely to increase its benefits.

Herniated disc

A herniated disc occurs when the covering of the vertebral disc cracks. The gelatinous part of the disc increases its pressure and creates a bulging. The damaged disc can put pressure on the entire spinal cord or on the root of a nerve connecting the spinal cord to a limb. This means that a damaged disc can cause pain in the pressure area, in the back, but also in the area controlled by the pressured nerve. The chiropractor uses different techniques including manipulations and mobilizations of the joints in order to limit the pressure on the disc and thus promote its recovery.

Scoliosis and Scoliotic Attitude

Scoliosis is a permanent twisting of the trunk, linked to a rotation of the vertebrae in relation to each other. This deformation of the spine is responsible for a visible bump when the affected person leans forward. A spine affected by scoliosis has a change in its natural curvatures. It is also the intensity of the curvatures that confirms the diagnosis of scoliosis. From ten degrees, mild scoliosis is proven. Scoliosis affects 1% of children aged 8 to 15, particularly girls who are eight times more affected. The scoliotic attitude is much more common. It is a reducible deviation of the spine. This deformity often results from either poor posture or lower limbs of unequal length. Regular chiropractic follow-up helps maintain good posture and limits pain in cases of proven scoliosis. The chiropractor can also contribute to the management of the scoliotic attitude by treating the causes of the poor position adopted and by offering postural exercises, for example.


Osteoarthritis is a joint disease leading to the destruction of cartilage. It causes pain and stiffness in the joints. Low back osteoarthritis, also called lumbar osteoarthritis, is a very common osteoarthritis. It is characterized by chronic wear between the lumbar vertebrae and limits joint mobility. The surrounding tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles) overloaded in compensation, contract, intensifying the pain. Mobilization of the affected joints by the chiropractor can improve mobility and limit pain.


Bones are constantly regenerating. When the cells that make bone (osteoblasts) and those that destroy it (osteoclasts) no longer work at the same pace, bones become demineralized and osteoporosis is likely to develop. A disease without symptoms, osteoporosis is often only diagnosed at the first spontaneously generated fracture or during mild trauma. Chiropractors are able to assess the level of osteoporosis risk of his patients. Once osteoporosis has been diagnosed, your chiropractor is the ally of the basic treatment of the disease: dietary advice and physical activities. Finally, your chiropractor will be able to adapt his treatment and techniques to your condition in order to provide relief despite this bone fragility.

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